Trill Lee expands his artistic horizons in DRIP by uncovering his musical roots buried deep within himself. The song pushes past the limits of his music and is also a step outside his ‘comfort zone’ genre. It sounds as if he has found himself as a hip-hop artist, and his craft and skills have now rebranded into the song DRIP. Infamous Kaboo, with his verses, translates the struggles that hip hop and R&B artists go through. The lyrics also represent his early triumph when he learned to convert his pain into something meaningful: his melodious music. His inspiration from Bay Area legends is obvious, and his journey is filled with passion for inspiring fans worldwide. His heavy vocals are a testament to his energy.

Both musicians have turned their sorrow into R&B beats by making the song in B Minor key. This is important as the association of songs with musical keys signifies emotional characteristics and gives the song a unique characterization. The song DRIP is in B minor, and this means as if the beat is trying to instill a key of patience. Trill Lee and Infamous Kaboo are trying to calm the listeners by telling them about their own fate. JG tops it with his composition, also symbolizing divine dispensation.

This is a core feature emphasized in JG’s Sacramento-based venture: Eargazm Music Group LLC. Being an independent record label, Eargazm Music Group works in tandem with inGrooves Music Group with Major Label Distribution. The 10-year hiatus he took to focus on his daughters and other personal reasons led to these developments. Eargazm Music works in music production by recording, mixing, and mastering various music beats. With his vast experience, JG also offers mentoring. In today’s digital world, where anyone with a knack for music can aim to be a musician, JG provides expert advice from his experience, mentors as well as aspiring artists.