Record labels are still leaders of the key elements of the industry as there are many things that independent artists cannot do on their own. These record labels are engaged in a wide variety of functions for the musicians, such as marketing, promotion, initial funding, financial, and specialist support. Even if you are a shining star in the music industry as an independent artist, you won’t have the financial clout that large record labels do. They guide you to the best producers, sound engineers and studios in the business by investing in your music career. Record Labels sign a range of agreements with their artists, including licensing and distribution agreements. Although they don’t control the spread of the music, they can still be helpful for their artists in navigating more complex large-scale distribution for both physical retailers and digital services.

Talking about the independent record labels, they are the knights in shining armor for up-and-coming musicians. They often sit on the cutting edge of the music scene offering low-paying deals to the emerging artists, helping them to reach the heights of stardom. Among the best independent record labels, there is Eargazm Music Group. It is an independent record label with major label distribution owned by Jason Gilbert, who is no unknown to the music scene. JG stepped into the music industry as a producer and promotor in the year 2000. He began his journey by promoting concerts with K-Ci and Jojo and E-40 all while he was still attending college.