Eargazm Music Group LLC is one creative solution to boost your music career. With an experienced team and their expertise in the industry, they have made it really easy for artists to bring out their talent and passion in front of everyone; if anyone wants to promote their music or need any expertise in the mixing or production of their music, they can collaborate with them. In this modern era, musicians no longer have to wait for that one big break; through social media and other platforms, they can bring their creativity in front of the world. Eargazm Music Group LLC is an idea to empower emerging musicians by providing them with production, post-production, mixing and promotional services. If you are an emerging artist and looking for that ‘mind-blowing’ opportunity, you can reach out to them for collaboration. Their team will be working with the artist for music production, music video production, marketing, and promoting the song on numerous platforms, including Spotify, so that the world can enjoy your song.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

-Recording Rates $50 an hour 2 hour minimum  $50 dollar deposit to book session. No show or 1 hour late no refund on missed hour. 

-Single – $125 mixing, $50 mastering 

-10 Song Package – $850 mixing, $400 mastering. Additional songs beyond 10 are  $65 for mixing, $40 for mastering